EP255: When Your Idols Become Your Network. Things I Learned From Working With The BEST

Rich In Real Life Podcast

Aug 8 2023 • 41 mins

This might sound a little cocky - but lately, I’ve been finding myself in rooms that I’ve only ever dreamed of being in. And one of the biggest questions I’ve been getting a lot is how the hell did I get there?  So today I wanted to talk about that moment when your idols become your network, how I got to this point in my business journey, and the many incredible lessons I’ve learned from working with the absolute best in the industry. I’m going to share the biggest lessons that shook me to my core, but also the smallest switches in my perspective that led me to some of the largest transformations in my life.  It has truly been a roller coaster ride and an absolute honor to get here, and I know that God's vision for me has always been bigger than anything that I can ever conceptualize. So I hope you join me on this ongoing journey and pick up some of these amazing gems that I’ve come across so far.  KEY POINTS  - How I decided that I was no longer the dishwasher  - Accepting that you will never “arrive”  - Your problems are simply just an invitation  - Flex your “IDGAF” muscle - Your business can only grow to the extent that you can - How I got into the rooms I wanted to be in  - The word “no” will save your sanity - Collaboration over competition  - You cannot receive the things that you want and need with a closed fist - The key to having insurmountable faith & trust in your journey  QUOTABLES  “Your chaos, your trauma, will meet you over and over again as an entrepreneur. they will chase you, they will knock, you will open the door and chaos will enter.” - Jessica Hurley “My name is being said in rooms I'm not in because I do good work.” - Jessica Hurley “Coming from someone that has built the ship on the way down, 9 times out of 10 it works. If it doesn't, I learned something very valuable.” - Jessica Hurley “When crisis and chaos begins, it's usually at the forefront of change.” - Jessica Hurley Love what you’re hearing? Follow Jessica Hurley and share the love! IG | @jessicahurley__  Rich In Real Life is produced by EPYC Media Network