Welcome to Season 2 of Rich In Real Life!

Rich In Real Life Podcast

Jul 31 2023 • 3 mins

That’s right, friends, we are back for another season of Rich In Real Life!  I’ve brought you along to some of the darkest parts of my journey, but we’ve grown & evolved past that season now, and I’m taking you with me as I enter the next one.  This season, I want you to redefine what being rich means to you. We’re done chasing the money and accomplishments, and not realizing that the fulfillment we’ve been searching for has been locked within us this whole time.  I’m bringing on some incredible guests this season to talk about all the different riches we can have outside of what we’ve been taught to chase - community, friendships, relationships, parenthood, and so much more. I cannot wait to share every single one of these amazing conversations with you.  So welcome to Season 2, and I look forward to discovering new meanings of what it is to be Rich In Real Life!  Love what you’re hearing? Follow Jessica Hurley and share the love! IG | @jessicahurley__ - www.instagram.com/jessicahurley__  Rich In Real Life is produced by EPYC Media Network - visit at https://www.epyc.co/