Ep 7 The Art and Story of Evolution with Rae Irelan

This Sacrosanct Life

Sep 15 2022 • 31 mins

In this episode I am joined by Rae Irelan, a globally acclaimed transformational mentor, business strategist and speaker amplifying the vision, voice, vibrancy and visibility of global leaders on and offline. She is the founder of soul aligned coaching, award winning singer, musician and visionary producer, author of Blame It On My Soul and creator of the Miracle Moment podcast. The main theme of this episode is evolution. What if we could use the tools we have to allow ourselves to evolve even when exploring darker sides of our thoughts. We also consider how we can live a value led life that allows us to make everything sacred and find the magic in the mundane.

We discuss in depth:

  • journeying through pregnancy
  • how living in full self expression can change depending on what is happening in your life
  • what is sacred in life and how to hold on to the sacredness of all things
  • how to embrace your whole experience
  • storytelling as a compelling way to realise transformation and how truths can change the collective history

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About Rae:

Rae Irelan is a globally acclaimed Transformational mentor, business strategist, and speaker amplifying the vision, voice, vibrancy, and visibility of global leaders on and offline. She is the founder of Soul Aligned Coaching, award-winning singer and musician, and visionary producer. Author of Blame It On My Soul and creator of Miracle Moment Podcast.

As an internationally recognized expert in personal and business transformation, Rae has been featured next to Deepak Chopra in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sara Blakley in Disrupt, and Thrive.

She has been seen on TV, film, spoken in front of audiences of 10k+ people, and published in books, magazines, articles, and doctoral papers. Rae has two albums out on Spotify and is currently working on the 3rd!

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