Season 2 Episode 6 Where is your power? with Shari Thompson

This Sacrosanct Life

Mar 16 2023 • 41 mins

In this week's episode I am talking to Shari Thompson, a Human Design business alchemist. I am so excited to share Shari's work with you as she is my own Human Design teacher. Shari is a leader in activating business growth & empowerment through the embodiment of Human Design. We will share with you so much about Human Design in our conversation and also about how we use our energy.

We discuss:

  • where is your power?

  • how do you use your power?

  • hustle culture

  • what is human design

  • the different energy types

  • where to find information on HD with the growth of AI writing

  • how to embody your energy type

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In this week's episode, Shari and I talk about the Human Design Biz certification that Shari offers.

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About Shari:

Shari is a leader in activating business growth & empowerment through the embodiment of Human Design. With over 22 years of experience in marketing and 11 in entrepreneurship, 5 of which have been dedicated to alignment & energetics, Shari shares a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Clients describe Shari’s work as “life-changing” and “profound”. They share how Shari’s ability to simplify the information, using the concepts and frameworks she has developed, is a real gift and how they feel empowered & activated simply by being in her energy.

Ebonie: "Shari, what is Sacrosanct to you?"

Shari: "My son obviously, integrity, evolution & stepping into unlimited potential."

Ebonie: "What do you see as the most important or valuable shift or change you've made in your adult life?"

Shari: "Understanding & embodying empowered Human Design."

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