Season 2 Episode 1 How my 'woo woo' practices grounded me with Vix Maxwell

This Sacrosanct Life

Jan 5 2023 • 44 mins

In this first episode of season 2, I am talking to Vix Maxwell, a priestess, mystic and bestselling author who is joining me to talk about how her spiritual practices support her in her life. This is such a deep conversation showing the development of a spiritual practice and how it can support being present in life whatever comes our way.

We talk about:

  • How spiritual practices can be deeply grounding
  • The incredible nature of showing up for spiritual practice everyday
  • How she developed a meditation practice
  • The way in which relationship with tarot cards can change and deepen over time
  • The development of her journey as a writer linked in with staying curious around creative solutions
  • How we can be present under pressure

If you would like to hear the next part of the conversation you can subscribe to 'Sacrosanct Secrets' my private podcast and hear me dig even deeper with my guests. In this week's episode, Vix and I talk about how she manages multiple audiences in her business.

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About Vix:

Victoria ‘Vix’ Maxwell is the creator of New Age Hipster, a spiritual home for good witches, lightworkers, starseeds and spiritual seekers. A Priestess for present times, modern mystic and spiritual teacher in converse sneakers, Vix supports her worldwide community in reconnecting to their own light, inner guidance and power through soul readings, courses, online spiritual development circle, Kundalini yoga workshops, podcast, blog and social media channels. Vix is the best-selling young adult fiction author of the Santolsa Saga series, author of Witch, Please: Empowerment and Enlightenment for the Modern Mystic published by HarperCollins and the Angels Among Us Oracle published by Rockpool Publishing.

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