Trailer - This Sacrosanct Life

This Sacrosanct Life

Jul 19 2022 • 3 mins

Welcome to This Sacrosanct Life podcast.

The podcast where we find reverence in our reality and magic in the mundane.

Each episode I'm going to be exploring self actualization and mysticism, from a place of curiosity and asking “What is actually valuable, important, hallowed or sacred to us?”

Sometimes alone, and sometimes with a guest I will be unpacking different perspectives and ideas on living a wild, true and uniquely satisfying life where you get to be more you.

My intention is that you become more inspired and motivated to live courageously and to share your authentic, magical, playful, powerful, joyful essence with the world.

Next Steps:

  • Join the next Value Filtered Living Community Call (free) - You are so welcome to join our community call for a monthly check in. We pull a card, drop in for a meditative moment and a breath together followed by a conversation on ‘adulting’ and living a Value-Filtered and ‘Sacrosanct’ life! This is also where you can ask any questions you may have; from one of the self study courses, about taking your journey further or something that is present in your life. All of you is welcome.

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