The Small Business Safari

Chris Lalomia

Have you ever sat there and wondered "What am I doing here stuck in in the concrete zoo of the corporate world?" Are you itching to get out? Chris Lalomia and his co-host Alan Wyatt traverse the jungle of entrepreneurship. Together they share their stories and help you explore the wild world of SCALING your business. With many years of owning their own small businesses, they love to give insight to the aspiring entrepreneur. So, are you ready to make the jump?

Training Your Money to Work for You
May 31 2022
Training Your Money to Work for You
Welcome to another rich episode of The Small Business Safari. Today, Alan and Chris are joined by Zach Levy! Zach's impressive background shows how you can start in one place and end up somewhere completely different. He attended Georgia State University and then transferred to Kennesaw State University where he continued his education with a plan in mind to work in the health and fitness field. After working on the corporate side of fitness, he found out it was a shark-filled sales industry. From there, he moved onto Waffle House management, and was moving up the ranks rapidly where he learned the small business economy and how to effectively run a team or small business. This opportunity allowed him to see a need for overall financial literacy and that the space was filled with misinformation and was often predatory. His purposeful mission was to help others with their financial needs. Five years later, he and his wife have built and own a national financial service business called Primerica, where he gets to enjoy helping others, especially in personal development. Like a CIA agent, Zach must maintain some secrecy about the specifics of what he does and how he operates, but don't fret, he'll be back soon to fill in those blanks. However, he can share the importance of paying yourself first, consistency within your business plan, and the benefits of working with others.  Zach's hobbies include Fitness and Bodybuilding competitively, which he enjoys doing alongside his wife Meghan. Sit back and enjoy because you're going to laugh and learn something from Zach today!  ---  Thanks for listening! Please help us out with a follow, rate, and review! All Things Chris! Things Zach Levy!Primerica: