Birgit Linnamäe CEO of Kodasema in Estonia

The Real Estate Diplomat

Nov 23 2021 • 44 mins

In this episode, we’re going to talk about Kodasema. They are an Estonian company that aims to provide affordable housing by creating modular, movable units called KODA. Prefabricated, sustainable, and available worldwide, these homes have various applications, and joining us today to explain some of them is Kodasema’s CEO, Birgit Linnamäe. She also shares with us her experiences, from how she rose to success in the construction industry by connecting with people, why it is essential to understand how people communicate, and how you too can grow your business even in the middle of a pandemic. As always, there’s a lot to take away from this conversation, so stay tuned and enjoy the show!

Addressing Humanity’s Need for Homes

Housing can mean different things for different people around the world. For some, a house could be a 4000 square foot house with a garage and front yard. Meanwhile, it could be as bare as a roof over their heads for others. When Kodasema started, Birgit and her team aimed to create a minimum viable space, which in engineering is a test version of something they would develop later. And eventually, the KODA unit was designed with multifunctionality in mind, where it becomes more than just a living space. So Koda became a tool to create whatever “space” you could ever want and need—a hotel, a shop, a clinic, and the list goes on.

As for the architecture, designing such a versatile space proved to be less complicated than anticipated. In turn, Kodasema adopted a high-tech design for their units, which leads with simplicity. KODA units are cube-like in shape and built with modern materials that, again, allow their occupants to get as creative as they want to be. In the end, not only does Kodasema address humanity’s need for housing, but it also provides its need for homes, whether it be for people, businesses, or even ideas.

Quality Transient Housing Anytime Anywhere
Nowadays, anyone can travel anywhere around the world and work simultaneously. And while being a digital nomad is not new, more people’s minds have been expanded to it, especially in recent years. But, when asked about the possibility of bringing our homes with us when we travel, Birgit explained that, while it is not sustainable to do so, KODA units can at least provide digital nomads today the ease of finding a quality place to stay. And unless we see it from an urban redesign standpoint, taking our homes with us is not the way to go.

Birgit also proposed that if we want to make cities and even the countryside more livable and loveable, we need to design spaces and housing to match the current generation’s expectations. That being said, what Kodasema expects digital nomads to experience with KODA units is always to be reassured that they have a home anywhere in the world, regardless of how transient it can be. After all, housing is often our main concern when traveling to faraway places. But with Koda parks and stay hotels in different cities, whether you are in New York, Paris, or London, you can rest assured that you will have more than just a roof over your head.

About Birgit Linnamäe:

Birgit Linnamäe is an accomplished strategic advisor and trainer with more than 24 years of interdisciplinary experience in business development across industry sectors in complex and multilingual settings (11 languages). In 2003, she co-founded the Nordic Vision Group, a business development consultancy engaging in many international growth projects in 15 countries. They also serve as a valuable hands-on partner in training individuals and teams, just as in strategic and market expansion in Europe and Asia. In addition, Birgit provides global and board-level strategies, transforming complexities of issues and people into clear, practical, and mindful terms.

Outline of the Episode:

[02:30] How networking has grown beyond local events.

[04:00] Growing a global business amid the pandemic.

[08:10] Birgit’s journey into design and construction

[11:13] Marketing Kodasema and Estonia on a global scale.

[14:35] Learning a language to understand people better.

[15:57] How Kodasema addresses humanity’s need for housing.

[18:39] The thought behind a KODA unit’s multifunctionality.

[23:26] Sustainability as a founding principle for Kodasema.

[27:52] Why collaboration is essential in Kodasema’s success.

[30:24] How ADUs are solving the United States’ housing problem.

[34:08] Working through the supply chain issues as a global company.

[37:32] How Kodasema has changed housing to a service.

[39:40] What to know about Estonia when planning to live or travel there.


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