E5 "The "France" Experience" - Do Not Try This At Home... It May Change Your Life

Eclectic Conversations

Aug 20 2021 • 31 mins

So, what does Drew do with all this immense knowledge that he's just gained? Obviously hitchhike around France by walking straight onto the highway. Drew finds yet another place to crash, a job picking grapes to make some extra cash, and the world's most annoying girl. Even his brave attempt at ditching her on the side of the road fails and he somehow finds her again! After 4 months, Drew finds the courage to call his parents while tripping on acid, just before getting hit on by a unique guy from San Francisco. Fortunately for Drew, Phil Collins from Genesis is playing in town and Drew's got the best seat in the house. Follow along as Drew pays his respects to Jim Morrison with a baguette, cheese and the cheapest wine he can find. Hitchhike around France with Drew in this episode and you'll learn how to hitchhike the effective way, the only 2 things Drew has never done in his life, and how to survive in France! Plus, get a taste of the best eclair and café au lait ever, straight from heaven!