Laying Down the Law: Accountant Edition

Billy Declercq, Esq.

Billy DeClercq, Esq. - a real lawyer - invites comedians and improvisers to discuss real legal cases and concepts. He helps them dissect the case, then they throw it in the improv blender to create comedic magic in completely original scenes. Then, Billy throws off his gloves and goes for the jugular by asking heavyweight questions to find out what makes his guests tick. read less

Basia, the Brats and Nina Zagat
May 25 2023
Basia, the Brats and Nina Zagat
In this course, prepare to be astounded as we dive into the intriguing world of undue influence in the probate area. Join us as we unravel the case of the century involving Seward Johnson, the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. Seward's life seemed like a seamless glide through prosperity—until the unexpected twist in his family's tale. Discover the captivating concept of undue influence, where a will or trust can be contested due to claims that the person who created it was unduly influenced by a cunning beneficiary. Picture this: a subsequent spouse, disinherited children, and a fortune hanging in the balance. The drama!More Reading: Barbara Piasecka Johnson Reached in Johnson Will Case TO EARN FREE CPEIn less than 10 minutes, you can earn 1 hour of NASBA-approved accounting CPE after listening to this episode. Download our mobile app, sign up, and look for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Accounting channel. Register for the course, complete a short quiz, and get your CPE certificate.Launch the course on EarmarkCPE to get free CPE/CE for listening to this episode.Download the app:Apple: Need help? Email With Billy :LinkedIn : Website :