Pets & Profits: Balancing Tenant Rights and Revenue in Real Estate with Logan Miller, Ep 77

Journey to Multifamily Millions

Jan 4 2024 • 27 mins

Today's guest is Logan Miller, He is the President and Co-Founder of Our Pet Policy a leading animal management software specializing in verifying emotional support animal documentation, detecting fraudulent ESA letters, and educating tenants about why they are not considered reliable. For apartment owners, this all leads to more pets paying pet rent.

This episode stresses the importance of understanding service animals and emotional support animals (ESAs) in housing. It highlights their protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Administration, exempting them from pet fees. The discussion also addresses issues with online-purchased ESA letters and how his company verifies their reliability.

Logan offers advice on pet management, emphasizing thorough verification processes, mid-lease inspections, and a balanced approach to pet regulations for property owners and tenants.

If you’re an owner or investor focused on increasing revenue while staying compliant with Fair Housing regulations, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Episode Topics

[00:57]  Meet our guest, Logan Miller
[02:03] Logan's Journey into the Rental Market
[05:14] The Challenges of Renting with Pets
[07:07] Understanding the Difference Between Emotional Support and Service Animals
[16:23] The Verification Process for Emotional Support Animals
[20:09]  The Financial Impact of Emotional Support Animals on Property Owners
[23:25] What is one red flag every investor should look out for?
[23:44] What is a myth about the real estate business?
[23:55] Connecting to Logan

Notable Quotes

  • "As a veteran, I had the VA loan at my disposal—0 percent down was a game-changer. House hacking, especially with a duplex, is an excellent way to start real estate investing." - Tim Little
  • "If they have documentation, we'll approve them all. Stories like that have made property managers say, 'If they have documentation, we'll approve them all.'" - Logan Miller
  • "There needs to be a healthcare professional that can verify this. It's about responsibility and ethics in approving assistance animals." - Logan Miller
  • "From an owner's perspective, my biggest concern would be whenever I hear fair housing especially, is liability, and ensuring that I'm treating everyone exactly the same across the board." - Tim Little
  • "Exempt from additional pet fees, emotional support animals and service animals provide financial benefits to property owners while maintaining tenant satisfaction." - Logan Miller
  • "Property owners need clarity on pet fees. Knowing exemptions for emotional support and service animals helps strike a balance between tenant satisfaction and financial viability." - Tim Little

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