The 3 C’s for Success in Real Estate with John Casmon, Ep 74

Journey to Multifamily Millions

Dec 14 2023 • 39 mins

Today's guest is John Casmon, He is the founder of Casmon Capital, a real estate investment firm, he’s a coach for multifamily syndicators (like myself), co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, and as if he wasn’t busy enough, host of the top-rated podcast, Multifamily Insights.

In this episode John shares his journey from working in corporate America to becoming a successful real estate investor, emphasizing the importance of learning from challenges and focusing on growth. John also offers invaluable insights on syndication, the importance of personal branding, and the vital components of success in the multifamily real estate space.

He concludes by sharing the three C's for success in real estate: Confidence, Credibility, and Connections. Stay tuned!

Episode Topics

[01:07]  Meet our guest, John Casmon
[01:46]  John's Journey into Real Estate
[03:26]  The Challenges of Scaling in Real Estate
[08:17]  The Importance of Control in Career Choices
[16:56]  The Power of Networking and Mentorship
[24:11]  Leveraging Personal Brand for Business Success
[34:18]  The Importance of Flexibility in Multifamily Investing
[35:00] What is one red flag every investor should look out for?
[35:36] What is a myth about the real estate business?
[38:00] Connecting to John

Notable Quotes

  • "I need to take more control of my financial future, and real estate was the thing that would help me do that." - John Casmon
  • "I had time, I could really look at all the options. And if I was compressed, if it was a situation where I got let go and, 'Oh my goodness, how am I going to pay my bills next month?' I would have had to just apply, get a job, and keep it moving." - John Casmon
  • "Surround yourself with people who can empower you, who can help you grow, who can help you scale. Those concerns and fears get alleviated because you have real solutions and answers in place." - John Casmon
  • "I can't emphasize that enough, surrounding yourself with the people who are 1, 2, 3 steps ahead of you. So that you're learning by osmosis, just by being around them." - Tim Little
  • "If you're an investor, if you make wise business decisions, you are very personal or know how to take care of things, people are going to give you credit for those things."- John Casmon

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