Working Your Dream Job, Thanks to Real Estate with Maria Zondervan, Episode 75

Journey to Multifamily Millions

Dec 22 2023 • 38 mins

Today's guest is Maria Zondervan, She is the CEO of Blue Vikings Capital a real estate

investment firm and founder of Valhalla Villas, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing and independent living services for autistic adults.

An accomplished wildlife biologist, she was able to keep working her dream job thanks to the additional income she was getting from real estate. She is the perfect example of how someone can continue doing the job they love while building wealth in real estate.

Maria ventured into real estate early, while still in college. She later transitioned from investing in single-family homes to managing a 12-unit apartment complex.

Maria discussed the responsibilities of managing others' investments, the importance of understanding the market, and her commitment to providing secure future housing for her autistic son and others in similar circumstances. Stay tuned!

Episode Topics

[01:41]  Meet our guest, Maria Zondervan
[03:29] First Steps and Challenges in Real Estate
[05:59] Balancing Business and Real Estate Investments
[09:40] Understanding the Real Estate Market and Investment Risks
[15:31] The Role of a Professional Capital Raiser
[18:28] The Importance of Due Diligence and Investor Trust
[25:20] The Value of Diversification and Market Exposure
[34:16] What is one red flag every investor should look out for?
[34:46] What is a myth about the real estate business?
[37:15] Connecting to  Maria

Notable Quotes

  • "We were already into the buy-and-hold strategy. We weren't flipping. So we were in a safer position as it was, which is why we decided to keep some." -Maria Zondervan
  • "If you're holding it for the long term, you can weather that storm until things rebound—the appreciation, especially in insulated markets." - Tim Little
  • "I didn't want to be practicing with other people's money. I really wanted to know my stuff." -Maria Zondervan
  • "People who owned apartment buildings weren't suffering nearly as much as those who were being speculative at the single-family level." - Tim Little
  • "As a business owner, we'd love it too because now that I'm a professional... we would be saving enough in taxes." -Maria Zondervan
  • "You have to look at it over like a strategy, not just one-time events. Talking with your CPA can make it seem more manageable." - Tim Little
  • "As a professional capital raiser, my money goes in first. I invest alongside you, ensuring commitment and aligning interests for success." -Maria Zondervan

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