Finding Growth through Partnerships with Leann Mouritsen, Ep 84

Journey to Multifamily Millions

Feb 22 2024 • 37 mins

Today's guest is Leann Mouritsen, She is a managing partner at Crowned Capital, a private multifamily investment firm. Inspired by "Rich Dad Poor Dad," she started with single-family rentals but shifted to multifamily.

She values teamwork and collaboration, learned through raising seven daughters! She also has a strong commitment to philanthropy, aiming to donate millions to help those in need and create opportunities for others.

Leann shares her journey from single-family rentals to multifamily investments, highlighting the challenges of upgrading homes solo and the shift towards relying on professionals. This led her to explore passive investments in multifamily real estate, culminating in a partnership with Open Door Capital on a 673-unit apartment complex.

Focused on networking and continuous learning, Leann emphasizes the significance of due diligence, staying informed, and asking the right questions for investors. She believes success encompasses spiritual, physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Episode Topics

[01:19]  Meet our guest, Leann Mouritsen
[03:49] The First Investment: A Learning Experience
[08:57] The Importance of Collaboration and Networking
[14:19] Vetting Sponsors and Deals
[22:27] The Role of Education in Real Estate Investing
[27:37] The Fund-to-Funds Model in Real Estate Investing
[30:09] What is one red flag every investor should look out for?
[31:58] What is a myth about the real estate business?
[36:09] Connecting to Leann

Notable Quotes

  • I was just enamored by the idea of passive income. It had never occurred to me that the opportunity was passive income. And I got really excited about it." -Leann Mouritsen
  • Even if I'm asking stupid questions, are they taking the time to educate me - Tim Little.
  • "I trust this person. I don't even vet the deal anymore. Yeah, you should always vet the deal." -Tim Little
  • "Respect that you tried everything. Lessons learned cost time and money. 'Who, not how' is in the background." -Tim Little
  • "The right property manager is crucial. Contracts often have a minimum term; knowing it is key to successful vetting." -Tim Little
  • "You can't feed people from empty cupboards" -Leann Mouritsen
  • "I empower dentists to invest in real estate for retirement without a second job, making a significant impact over time." -Leann Mouritsen
  • Go out there and learn everything you can, and then to make a choice and move, take action and get out there and do it. - Leann Mouritsen

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