The Power of Never Giving Up!

On The Right Road!

May 7 2023 • 51 mins

We all have dreams and passions. The hardest part is often bringing them to tangible fruition. It takes time, focus, and most of all perseverance – things that are often difficult to harness for our own wishes and aspirations in our uber-busy lives. We encourage our students and kids to reach for their dreams, but when it comes to our own, those dreams can so easily get lost in the midst of our never-ending daily to-do lists. And then when our kids do step out to follow their dreams, we can get fearful that their paths will be too difficult. Join Paula and her very special guest as they help bring THE POWER OF NEVER GIVING UP into clear view to help us – and in turn, help our kids – feel emboldened to truly make goals and dreams happen! As always, wonderful giveaways for educators will be part of the broadcast, too!