Brain Leak

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It’s an IV-drip for your ears! Brain Leak brings Jacksepticeye (Seán McLoughlin) and Ethan Nestor together for a funny, off-kilter and wildly irreverent deep-dive into their brains - even the slimy bits. No topic is too taboo, no subject too out of bounds, no question too dumb...let the word vomit flow! read less

Our Editor's Take

Brain Leak is a comedy podcast with goofs, gaffes, and inappropriateness. These elements match the show's organic and funny nature. The topics and depth of conversations on the podcast vary. One moment the hosts could be talking about a Creator Clash victor. In the next, they talk about teachers they had crushes on. Anyone looking for a good laugh might find this podcast entertaining. This podcast is the audio version of the live YouTube show.

Two YouTubers, Ethan Nestor, aka CrankGameplays, and Seán McLoughlin, aka Jacksepticeye, cohost Brain Leak. Between the two of them, they have over a billion YouTube content views. Ethan is famous for his gameplay commentary and vlogs. He started his YouTube channel at age 16. His gaming insight and cheerful personality led to his massive success. Cohost Seán began his own YouTube channel in 2012. His early videos featured him making impressions. The Irishman switched to gameplay content sometime afterward, shooting into popularity. Seán holds the record for the second-most subscribed Irish channel on YouTube.

The duo brings their combined comedic skills and charisma to the Brain Leak podcast. The debut episode topped the controversial Joe Rogan channel on YouTube—a point Ethan and Seán mentioned in the second episode. The podcast features nonstop entertainment and comedic insights. In one hilarious episode, one host talks about a bathroom accident. In another, they discuss the idea of an Elon Musk android fighting Mark Zuckerberg. That conversation spirals into a discussion about animal fights. The podcast's unpredictability is one of its most endearing features.

The hosts offer amusing responses from the very first Bad Advice segment on Brain Leak. Seán and Ethan encourage their fans to send in questions. Listeners can expect answers interwoven with comical expressions. While the hosts are Gen Z men, fans of all ages may appreciate the humor in this podcast.

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