Why the PR industry is a train wreck solocast with Jason Mudd

On Top of PR with Jason Mudd

Aug 9 2022 • 17 mins

Our solocast is with host Jason Mudd, CEO at Axia PR.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. A brief history of PR
  2. What PR is
  3. Why the modern PR industry is a train wreck
  4. How to elevate your career in PR
  5. How PR pros should be measuring PR


  • “They ran it verbatim, which to me is the ultimate compliment. That means you wrote a news release in a great way and you wrote it so well that the news outlet thought it was written perfectly. They didn't make any edits or changes or cuts or trims or anything like that. When that happens, you should celebrate.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “The PR industry was born out of a train wreck; (the) modern PR industry was born out of train wreck. Maybe it's still a train wreck and we should really do some exploration about the current practice of PR.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “(PR) is about the public that you serve through building mutually beneficial relationships.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “You can't be an expert in everything. You can't be producing a newsletter, managing the website, managing social media, doing earned media, and all these other activities.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “If you're busy doing all this activity and no strategy, you're never going to get anything done. You're never going to rise above the work.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “The way I define public relations is creative problem-solving and then communicating about it.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “Take a defensive posture and stand up for yourself as the expert. Don't become an order-taker; instead, become an adviser.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “If you don't lead, you're just going to become an order-taker, and you're going to become undervalued.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “No strong brand was built being comfortable. No strong brand or fast-growing company grew because they were comfortable and they played it safe. No, they took risks and they thought expansively.” — @JasonMudd9
  • “Don’t be boring!” — @JasonMudd9
  • ”We need to start measuring what matters and stop measuring what doesn't matter. And what doesn't matter, oftentimes, are vanity metrics like impressions, advertising value equivalency, likes, shares, comments, clicks, et cetera. What matters is how many people did you truly reach, and how many people did you impress or educate them or get them to change an opinion.” — @JasonMudd9

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Episode recorded: July 28, 2022

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