How celebrity partnerships can help your PR with Celebrity Focus CEO Ric Bachrach

On Top of PR with Jason Mudd

Jul 26 2022 • 23 mins

Our episode guest is Ric Bachrach, CEO of Celebrity Focus. His background as an athlete and  collegiate coach led to a career as an agent, commercial agent, and vice president of marketing for a major sports agency and a consultant at the other.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. Common misperceptions about working with celebrity talent
  2. The difference between celebrities and influencers
  3. How to protect yourself when approaching a celebrity that isn’t well known yet for partnership
  4. Whether you should give up equity or stock in a partnership with a celebrity
  5. What name, image, likeness is


  • It's very easy to have champagne taste and a beer wallet, but the beautiful thing is that if we understand that there's talent available for every budget, as long as you're flexible you're always going to have a good relationship. — @RicBachrach
  • It's not that celebrities aren't influencers – of course they are – but the reality is as the word influencer is most commonly used today, that's in relation to people who have become famous or achieved some relative level of fame, primarily through a digital footprint platforms that they're working on, either as bloggers, or as YouTubers, or [other] things. — @RicBachrach
  • You see applications that are business-to-business driven, others that are business-to-consumer. So there's no shortage of the ways that companies use celebrities nor in the different applications in the various disciplines, advertising, marketing, PR, sales, promotion. — @RicBachrach
  • In every single case, it's the same thing: The celebrity serves as the vehicle for the dissemination of corporate messages. — @RicBachrach
  • One of the things that I always counsel my clients on right out of the gate is the understanding that they are not buying a new best friend. — @RicBachrach
  • They can now be compensated by a brand or by an organization for the use of their name, their images, their likenesses — @RicBachrach
  • NIL is here to stay; the challenge with it right now is that it's unchartered territory — @RicBachrach

About Ric Bachrach

Ric is the CEO and president of Celebrity Focus. His company’s main goal is to connect famous people with famous brands. He was inspired to start the company after realizing the needs of talent and realizing he could put that to work for corporate clients. He understood this need from his background as an athlete and collegiate coach, which led him to a career as an agent, commercial agent, and vice president at a major sports agency and a consultant at the other.

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Episode recorded: May 17, 2022

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