FBP #79: Joe Tersak | Self-Improvement & Cryptocurrency

Fueled By Progress

Mar 31 2021 • 4 hrs 25 mins

Joe Tersak is a Pittsburgh native with a fierce passion for 2 things: self-improvement and cryptocurrency. By day, he works as an Elite Senior District Manager at ADP. By night, he is the host of Viva La Coin, his YouTube channel and brand devoted to educating others on cryptocurrency.

Joe's story is something that everyone can benefit from hearing. Like many of us, he has had to struggle to find his purpose. His journey has not been easy, but it has hardened him into a relentless warrior. One of his life mottos is to "Be your own hero". In times of great hardship, we need to be able to look within to find the strength to keep going.

Joe got into the crypto space in 2017. Back then, it was less developed, but many people still saw the opportunities it offered. Over the next couple of years, Joe's involvement stagnated a bit as he continued to navigate life. Then, 2020 came. He realized that a lot was about to change and he dove back into crypto, even deeper than before. Right now in 2021, as the US dollar deteriorates, we are all living through the early stages of, quite possibly, the greatest shift in global economics of all time. Educate yourself on cryptocurrency!

Joe talks about his battle to find his purpose, the bargain he upholds every day, why people should care about cryptocurrency, the current state of the global economy, and much more!

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