The economy is inflated like a Dr. Miami BBL - Inflation hit a 40 Year high!

"The YMIT Podcast" Young Millionaires In Training

Feb 16 2022 • 31 mins

During the first month of 2022 the CPI (Consumer Price Index) hit its highest level since Feb. of 1982 at 7.5%. So after 40 years of decreasing, and stabilized inflation decisions made before and during the Covid- 19 pandemic has now lead us to Increasing Inflation. In this episode i am discussing what inflation is and also some of the causes of inflation. I also give you a few ways you can prepare for inflation as it is estimated to continue to increase over the coming months. Thank you so much for listening. If you like the podcast, please rate it 5 stars on Apple Podcast! Much love and appreciation and have a great day. Follow Us The Young Millionaire In Training Brand for daily financial tips and motivation *Follow us: Instagram: @The_YMIT_podcast | Facebook: The Young Millionaire In Training Podcast |Youtube: The Young Millionaire In Training | Join our Free Facebook group: Young Millionaire In Training Financial Tips. Tik Tok: The_YMIT_Podcast.  * The Goal of the platform is to help those that are moving slow financially get up to speed as well as become a safe space that can open up a healthy conversation about money and finances In a realistic way. We will discuss investing in businesses, the stock market, real estate, crypto as well as other avenues. All while addressing the financial mindsets that stop us from creating and maintaining a budget and take the risk necessary to properly set and accomplish goals. If you know anyone that could benefit from the podcast share it with him or her! * This is not financial advice and any companies discussed on this show are for illustration purposes only. Please discuss all investment decisions with a licensed professional* --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: