101 | Win Or Fail Mastermind Group | Staying Happy, Adopting Gratitude, & A Poor Money Decision.

The Fat & Broke Podcast

Feb 3 2022 • 50 mins

Show Summary:

In today’s show we discuss:

  • What makes Sarah happy?
  • Gary adopts a gratitude mindset.
  • Peter makes a poor money decision.

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Win or Fail Mastermind Group Session:


Peter attempts to justify a poor money decision to buy a sauna.  Gary calls him out and explains what he did wrong and a better way to go about it.  This is a good example of how we can tell ourselves stories to convince ourselves we are right.


Gary talks about how adopting a gratitude mindset helped him make the most out of working a weekend at the hospital.  His goal was to make the weekend better for the patients, nurses, and himself.


Sarah is working on being mindful of what makes her happy, realizing when it is happening, and trying to stay in those moments.  We all discuss what moments and activities make us happy.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: