Probate Direct Mail ROI, B2B real estate referrals, and creative seller financing in 2023

Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

Oct 19 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

In this episode, certified probate experts discuss probate direct mail ROI, winning attorney referrals, and how selling real estate on terms can help backstop a declining housing market.  Brian, Stephen, Jessica, and David all share compelling stories of the work they’re doing in probate. Elvis and Anthony are laying the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. And, Chad announces the winner of our EARN course contest. Tune in and see the progress these probate agents and investors have made in the last week!

Full show notes:


Episode Timestamps:
0:00 Announcements

5:47 Attorney prospecting script to win real estate referrals (Probate Scripts) (Success Story)

13:52 Cold called an attorney in my probate lead list (Cold Calling Probates) (Success Story)

21:32 Pro Se Representation in Texas probate court (Probate in Texas)

24:05 Social workers and probate real estate services (Fundraising Ideas)

28:50 How to get probate leads in your county (All The Leads Reviews)

32:13 Meeting attorneys at Probate Court (Probate Coaching)

39:47 Creative Financing and Senior Care Affordability (SRES Tips)

49:46 DIY real estate mail-outs (Real Estate Marketing)

51:53 Should you cold call surviving spouses? (Probate Prospecting)

56:47 How EstateExec can complement an estate attorney’s business (Estate Attorneys) (EARN FAQs)

59:32 Greeting card envelopes vs. postcards for probate mailers: 10x return on mail (Probate Marketing)

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