Mark and Anne Lackey Discuss Hiring Virtual Assistants

The Property Management Mastermind Show

Nov 2 2018 • 43 mins

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Have you ever wondered about hiring a virtual assistant? Have you daydreamed about how much easier your life could be if someone else handled all the stuff you don’t like to do? If so, this is the episode for you. Today, I’m joined by Mark and Anne Lackey, who specialize in helping property managers find virtual assistants. Today, they’ll talk through just about everything you could possibly need to know about hiring virtual assistants.

Mark and Anne don’t match their clients up with just anyone. They screen potential VAs carefully, and then put every single VA through a 40-hour bootcamp to make sure they’re up to the task. At the end of the bootcamp, they have a final exam that they need to pass before being matched with a client. Tune into the episode to learn more about the certification process that VAs go through when they work with Anne and Mark.

In our conversation, we’ll spend some time talking about the benefits of hiring virtual assistants instead of local employees. For example, if your VAs celebrate different holidays than you do, you can stand out by being one of the few property management companies with its phone lines open on major American holidays! Overseas VAs also tend to show up more consistently than a lot of people you might hire locally, in my experience.

If you’re thinking that VAs can only do the most basic of administrative tasks, think again. Anything that can be done with a computer and a phone can be done through an assistant in the Philippines, Anne explains. Of course, all of this comes with a price -- but you may be shocked by how affordable it is for the quality of service you’ll receive.

Tune in to hear more about the exact amount you’ll pay when you work with Anne and Mark (and the discount you’ll get for being a listener), how long it takes for a VA to be recruited, vetted, trained, and certified, the role of personality profiling in finding the right VA for you, and much more!

Here’s where you can find Anne and Mark:

Hire Smart VAs

Anne Lackey on Facebook

Anne Lackey on LinkedIn

@AnneLackey on Twitter

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Show Notes

[03:11] - Anne talks about their company, Hire Smart VAs, and describes their typical clients.

[05:00] - Brad talks about some of the challenges of working with virtual assistants, including the distance, and phone and internet connections. We then hear more about Mark and Anne’s screening and training process.

[10:40] - Anne talks more about their approach with VAs, and how they get information from clients on what they’re looking for.

[13:22] - Instead of having VAs waiting for work, Mark points out, they wait to have a client before they source a VA specifically for that job.

[14:57] - We hear about personality profiling, and what kind of profiling Mark and Anne use for their VAs.

[19:45] - How do VAs work given the time difference between the US and the Philippines, where Mark and Anne’s VAs are?

[22:22] - Anne talks about the role that cultural differences play when working with a VA, and Mark points out some benefits.

[24:49] - Overseas staff seem to show up consistently and get the job done quickly.

[26:47] - We hear about Anne and Mark’s latest book, which is about property management.

[27:40] - What kind of tasks can virtual assistants do in the context of a property management company?

[28:58] - Anne talks about the cost of having a virtual assistant, including the recruiting and certification process. Of course, there’s a discount for show listeners!

[34:06] - Does the rate go up if you want to hire someone to work in more advanced roles?

[34:42] - It typically takes Anne seven to 10 days to find and vet a candidate, and several weeks total to get a new VA started.

[36:39] - How can listeners find Mark and Anne to learn more about what they offer or to get started with a VA?

[38:54] - Mark points out that there are a lot of different types of VA services, and talks with Brad about the ebb and flow of outsourcing and insourcing.

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Hire Smart VAs

Anne Lackey on Facebook

Anne Lackey on LinkedIn

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