Mini-Sode: Embracing the "Greater" and Igniting the Renaissance

Choral Connectivity: A People-First Approach to Singing

Nov 18 2021 • 20 mins

"As you rebuild whatever arts program you may be involved with, I encourage you to remember that we are not back to "normal" - we are moving forward to something greater. To fully embrace this "greater," we may need to release a little bit of what has been to make space for what will be. We may need to challenge our traditions and set aside our comforts. However, those who've challenged conventions and forged ahead with unique ideas have started new eras and ignited a renaissance in the past."

In this short mini-sode, I take just a few minutes to chat about this quote from my article in the Chorus Connection Blog; 5 Tips for Rebuilding Your Youth Choir Post-Pandemic. I feel passionately that we need to leave behind how it used to be, and embrace something new and different going forward. When we, as a choral community, decide that "normal" is gone, but "greater" is possible, we will reach new heights as artists and community builders.

How are you embracing the "greater" and igniting the Renaissance? I would love to hear from you, and compile an episode as a resource to those who are ready to leave behind what has been to make space for what will be. Let me know your thoughts on Instagram and Facebook (@choralconnectivitypodcast), through the contact form on the website ( or through my email ( I want to hear from you!