The Midlife Momma Podcast | Empty Nest Coach Pamela Henkelman

Pamela Henkelman

Welcome to The Midlife Momma Podcast: Grace for the Next Phase of Parenting. Join me, Pamela Henkelman, a certified Empty Nest Coach and proud momma of five, as we navigate this transformative journey together. Discover practical wisdom and heartfelt discussions on setting boundaries, finding purpose, learning effective communication, and relying on the unwavering strength of your faith. If you are an empty nest momma seeking guidance and support in your empty nest, tune in to feel confident, experience peace, and build a stronger connection with your adult child. Pamela invites experts once a month including, Suzy Mighell, creator behind the popular brand, Empty Nest Blessed and authors, Jennifer Dukes Lee and Mary DeMuth. Check out episode 63, because it’s a fan favorite. Embrace the joy of  this season of motherhood and have confidence in your empty nest, on the Midlife Momma podcast.

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