#CSK8 Podcast

Jared O'Leary

Each episode of the #CSK8 Podcast explores research, experiences, or perspectives on computer science education with a focus on grades K-8.

Project moveSMART: When Physical Education Meets Computational Thinking in Elementary ClassroomsSupercharge Your Middle School CS Classroom with Bob IrvingReconceptualizing “Music Making:” Music Technology and Freedom in the Age of NeoliberalismAccessibility and Inclusion in CS Education with Maya IsraelBreaking the Code: Confronting Racism in Computer Science through Community, Criticality, and CitizenshipTech inclusion entrepreneurship with Ruthe FarmerTeachers’ Views and Experiences on Teaching Second and Subsequent Programming LanguagesA DREAM job with Addison LilholtTitle colon subtitleComputational Thinking for an Inclusive World: A Resource for Educators to Learn and LeadProblematizing Deficits with Sara VogelContemporary Venues of Curriculum InquiryImages of CurriculumIntersections of Cultural Capital with Kimberly ScottThe Subservient, Co-equal, Affective, and Social Integration Styles and Their Implications for [Computer Science]The Place for Joy in Teaching and Learning with Sara LevIntersections of Popular Musicianship and Computer Science PracticesExploring CSEdResearch with Monica McGillImpact of the Plugged-in and Unplugged Chemistry Computational Thinking Modules on Achievement in ChemistryGood (and Bad) Reasons to Teach All Students Computer Science