EP18 Emily Rivera - Guidance From the Angels & Realizing You’re More Than Human

The Profitable Coach Podcast

Nov 2 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Guest Bio:

Emily, The Angel Coach, is a globally recognized authority in intuition, manifesting purpose, spirituality, business influence, and impact. Since childhood, she has been divinely influenced, receiving guidance from angels and otherprofound manifestations of love. Serving not just as a coach but also as a powerful conduit, Emily channels divine insights, facilitates deep healing, and ensures transformative experiences for her clients.

As a captivating speaker, accomplished author, and revered coach, Emily seamlessly blends the practical with the esoteric, imparting clear and precise guidance, along with actionable steps, through her transformative work. She possesses an extraordinary gift in delivering outcomes that transcend the ordinary.Operating on an international scale, Emily has worked with thousands of people and serves a broad clientele spanning over 130 countries. Described by her clients and participants as an earth angel, her mere presence and profound messages have consistently empowered them to awaken, manage, and manifest their intuitive abilities along with clarity of purpose and paths of success.

Emily's transformative contributions have extended to luminaries across industries, including Celebrities, CEOs, Thought leaders, Influencers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups. By assisting them in awakening their own self mastery, uncovering their life purpose, and heightening their intuitive awareness, she enables them to make a profound impact while embracing a life of overflow and fulfillment.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How embracing the Feminine Code allows you to tap into your alchemical abilities
  • How to let our conscious desires override our subconscious wiring
  • The story behind Emily’s commitment to remind people they are more than humans
  • How to heal the parts or patterns that we resist
  • How to trust your own intuition and divine guidance

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