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Creative Tactics to Win a Bidding Wars  - EP 276 - Real Facts on Real Estate
1w ago
Creative Tactics to Win a Bidding Wars - EP 276 - Real Facts on Real Estate
As a real estate agent the difference in getting your clients the house or not in a bidding war is also the difference in being paid or not. In this episode I go over three ideas to help your clients offer get accepted. While it is easy to advise a client to offer more money and beat everyone on the purchase price, sometimes it comes down to the details.  One idea we go over is the closing date. Oftentimes the closing date has a lot to do with a seller's ability to sell and move smoothly. While not optimal some times for the buyer this is a way to improve the offering to the seller. This may allow them to finish out a job or a school year in the home you want. Allowing things like this are a huge perk to sellers.  Another place where we can gain an edge is a great pre approval. Better yet why not get a fully underwritten pre approval so you are almost as good as cash. Remember your pre approval will be judged so make sure it is as clean as possible. Having the lender reach out is just one more way to show it is a great offer. Lastly we talk about deposits. Often confused with down payments, deposits are often neglected. While a deposit may be money at risk if your buyer intends to keep their word the risk is minimal. The seller's sole remedy for the buyer walking in most cases is this deposit. Putting enough money on the line that the seller can feel confident your buyer will not walk away but if they did there is a good amount of money to cover the damages.
Three Ways To Add Value As A Buyer's Agent   - EP 274 - Real Facts on Real Estate
May 7 2024
Three Ways To Add Value As A Buyer's Agent - EP 274 - Real Facts on Real Estate
In this week's episode I spent time going over three ways you can add more value to your buyers experience. As we move into a world with required buyer agency agreements and more than likely the buyer footing the bill it is more important than ever to stand out. You want your business to stand out for all the right reasons and garner great reviews. One great review can pay itself back endlessly over time.  One of the best ways to add value as a buyer’s agent is to be an educator. Start with properly explaining the process of buying a home and your clients will be happy. Simply put people like people who understand the process. Be your clients mentor and guide to navigate the home buying process. Communication is something that is hard to explain before working with a client. That said great communication leads to great reviews and raving clients which leads to more buyers learning about your services.  Make sure to answer all the calls good or bad. Make yourself available when clients are that way you can immediatly stifle any concerns and answer any questions. Keep a pulse on the market and offer in market insights that your buyers may not have been able to obtain or understand without you. From market reports to off market listings, always pay attention to adding value with every conversation.   This is something that will instill you as the go to person with your clients.  By working on these three items you are sure to increase your buyer value and attract more clients. Remember in a business where we "all do the same thing" learn to stand out for doing more.
Brokering New Construction: Strategies for Agents - EP263 - Real Facts on Real Estate
Feb 20 2024
Brokering New Construction: Strategies for Agents - EP263 - Real Facts on Real Estate
In Episode 263 Brokering New Construction: Strategies for Agents, we jump into the crucial aspects of handling new construction projects as a real estate agent. Understanding the timeline for new constructions is fundamental, as delays are a common occurrence. Setting realistic expectations and maintaining open communication lines among the buyer, builder, and agent is emphasized to navigate these challenges smoothly. We also explore the financial intricacies involved in new construction deals, highlighting the necessity for agents to be transparent about the total cost, including potential upgrades and unforeseen expenses. Offering guidance on how agents can assist clients in staying within their budget by preemptively discussing additional costs is a key focus of this segment. The episode contrasts the intricacies of ground-up construction with the process of buying builder-completed homes. While ground-up construction allows for extensive customization, it demands a comprehensive understanding of initial costs, such as land purchase and construction permits. On the other hand, opting for a builder-completed home offers a more streamlined process, with a focus on the final sale price and what's included, simplifying the buying experience for clients. This episode equips agents with the knowledge to adeptly guide their clients through the complexities of new construction purchases, ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome.
Winning A Bidding War - EP261 - Real Facts on Real Estate
Feb 6 2024
Winning A Bidding War - EP261 - Real Facts on Real Estate
"Winning a Bidding War" is a pivotal episode in our real estate podcast series, designed to arm agents and potential buyers with the strategies and insights needed to craft compelling offers in a fiercely competitive market. This episode underscores the critical importance of understanding each component of the offer paperwork, illuminating the fact that while the purchase price often captures the most attention, it's far from the only factor that sellers consider.  We go beyond the surface to explore the nuanced ways sellers assess offers, examining the various elements that can make or break a deal. "Winning a Bidding War" sheds light on the significance of deposit amounts, the implications of financing and inspection contingencies, and the importance of setting realistic timelines. Our expert shares invaluable advice on balancing these factors to present an offer that is both attractive to sellers and aligned with the buyer's best interests. However, this episode also offers a word of caution: winning a bidding war at all costs is not always a true victory. We discuss the potential pitfalls of overpaying for a property, highlighting the emotional and financial repercussions that can arise from a deal where the buyer significantly exceeds the home's value. Through thoughtful analysis and empathetic understanding, we aim to help listeners recognize when the price of winning might be too high, encouraging a more strategic approach to bidding wars. By the end of "Winning a Bidding War," listeners will not only have a deeper appreciation for the complexities of making an offer but also be equipped with the knowledge to navigate these turbulent waters with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or a first-time homebuyer, this episode is an invaluable guide to crafting offers that win, without losing sight of what truly constitutes a successful real estate transaction.