Bedtime Stories with Celosia Crane

Lantern Audio Works

A weekly podcast of children's tales, snippets of famous plays, fables, folk and fairytales. Settle down with a cup of your favorite warm nighttime beverage and let Celosia Crane read you to sleep. An award winning author, she long ago learned about the soothing effects of reading aloud at bedtime. First with her campers, as a camp counselor, then as a nanny, and now for you. Leave your stress at the door and slip into a familiar, or maybe not so familiar, story.

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Ep. 68 The Golden Slipper
Ep. 68 The Golden SlipperEp. 67 The Abode of the Gods: The Twelve MonthsEp. 66 CenerentolaEp. 65 The Island of WomenEp. 64 Panaumbe, Penaumbe & the Weeping FoxesEp. 63 The Rat BoyEp. 62 The Kind Giver & The Grudging GiverEp. 61 The Voices at the WindowEp. 60 The Vampire & St. MichaelEp. 59 The Three BrothersEp. 58 The Iron WolfEp 57. Koshchei the DeathlessEp. 56 Baba Yaga and the Girl with the Kind HeartEp. 55 The FirebirdEp. 54 The Golden MountainEp. 53 The Frog PrincessEp. 52 A Christmas Carol, Stave 5Ep. 51 A Christmas Carol, Stave 4Ep. 50 A Christmas Carol, Stave 3Ep 49 A Christmas Carol, Stave 2