Simplified Security - Trailer

Security Bits

Nov 27 2020 • 2 mins

Welcome to the ICSBits.com's Simplified Security Episodes. These episodes are available in Text, video and audio formats. Check out icsbits.com/simplified for more details.

  • In every episode we will look at some of the security highlights especially the ones that made it to the news and also find out about any new security events that are happening around the world this week in our NEWS In Security segment.
  • Then we will cover vulnerabilities that scored a CVE score of 10 & discuss any countermeasures that may be available in our Patch or Latch segment.
  • And finally, we will go into the past and learn about some interesting security topics and discover how it has transformed or influenced our present in our What When & Why in Security segment.

Make sure you subscribe to simplified security episodes available as podcast and on YouTube. Go to icsbits.com/simplified for more details. I am your host Durgesh Kalya. Catch me on my next episode on your favorite podcast app or YouTube, until then be safe and think before you click.