Season #1, Episode #34: How To Become A Site Safety Manager

The Verbally Disastrous Podcast With Leslie M. Jasper And Co-Host Melissa Polito

Sep 27 2021 • 27 mins

I apologize for a delay in releasing this episode. I have been rather busy lately. For this episode, I am sharing with you my path on working to earn my NYC DOB Site Safety Manager license. A site safety manager is the head of safety on a project. I am sharing what I used to study and the exams that I needed to take as well as professional memberships. This episode to geared to guide others who desire to work on this process or give the listener a perspective of what this process is like as an observer on the outside. I also offer a list of lessons I wish I knew prior to embarking on this journey. I have my own homemade study guides on my Leslie M. Jasper YouTube channel. Head over to my blog/website at I will share a quick reference material for anyone interested in this process or one similar.

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