Season #2, Episode #49: Just Released- Not All Girls Play With Dolls!!

The Verbally Disastrous Podcast With Leslie M. Jasper And Co-Host Melissa Polito

Mar 27 2022 • 24 mins

For this podcast episode, I am sharing with you the release of Leslie M. Jasper's first children's book entitled, "Not All Girls Play With Dolls".  This children's book is about a little girl named Kenna was born into a family where anything is possible. Kenna developed an instant paternal bond with her father, named Sam, at birth. Kenna’s mother, named Marie, watched lovingly as the dynamic duo became even more and more attached to each other over time. Sam spent many years teaching Kenna how to work on cars and trucks in the family garage and at Sam’s truck shop where he worked as a diesel mechanic. Kenna’s little sister, named Susan, stayed back with her mother since she wasn’t interested in working with her hands. Ever since Kenna was a toddler, Sam always told her repeatedly that, since she is smart and strong, she can do anything that she sets her mind to do. As Kenna grew up following her father’s guidance, she realized that she really liked working with tools. Go with Kenna on this life path as she grows up and follows the career path of where her talents lie. Kenna joined the military and made a non-traditional career choice with her father’s love and encouragement the entire time. The goal of this book is to inspire boys and girls to allow their natural talents to guide them into their career paths and life goals. Gather the courage to chase those dreams even in the face of doubts from others around them in society. After all, it is your life to live and choices to make. You can do it because you are talented, smart, and strong!  This book can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble in paperback and e-book.  For more information, head over to the website at:

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