Season #1, Episode #41: Part A- Working On The Railroad With The Tools As A Chick!

The Verbally Disastrous Podcast With Leslie M. Jasper And Co-Host Melissa Polito

Dec 11 2021 • 21 mins

For this podcast episode, Leslie decided to share with you on how she shifted, as an apprentice, to begin working on railroad projects for most of her career. Prior to working on brand-new deck jobs, commercial renovation projects, and railroad platform phase projects, Leslie was being groomed for low voltage projects.  During the first few years of her apprenticeship, Leslie was becoming a "data fairy" and needed to switch it up.  As a female in a male-dominated field, Leslie knew that she needed to both push herself and leadership to allow her to step out and work on the hardest projects as an electrician in order to become more well-rounded.  The worst thing for Leslie was the fear of not obtaining the necessary skills during her 5-1/2-year apprenticeship.  Without the necessary skills, a worker ends up always becoming the first person on a layoff when a job winds down and requires less manpower.  Always being on the first layoff translates into not having enough financial means to feed your family.  Leslie shares some job stories that are either/both funny and scary in nature from working on the railroad and outside.  For more information, check out the website at:

This is Part A and the first half of the discussion.  Once finished with Part A, head back into the podcast platform of your choice and look for Part B and finish the last half of the discussion.

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