Ripple Effect

Emily Lewis

Join Emily E. Lewis, Clyde Snow Water Law Attorney, in discussing contemporary water issues touching on technology, law, finance, and water creativity. Ripple Effect: Putting Water into Context. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Ripple Effect podcast explains the importance of water on various levels. Water is a necessary substance for humans to live and thrive. Around 71 percent of the earth's surface is water. And water makes up around 60 percent of the human body. Yet many people take water for granted.

Emily E. Lewis hosts the Ripple Effect podcast. Lewis has a unique profession. She is a lawyer specializing in water law. Clyde Snow, her law firm, created this podcast. The show started in 2020 and explained the importance of water and the laws around it. Lewis lives in Utah, known for the Great Salt Lake—a fitting locale.

On each episode of the Ripple Effect podcast, Lewis talks to an expert about a water-related issue. There are episodes about wastewater, hydropower, and water banking. Conservation, water use in agriculture, and safe water supplies are also discussed. So are cloud seeding and climate change.

And since the Ripple Effect podcast comes from Utah, some of the topics include things like the Great Salt Lake. Lewis also talks with state and local water officials. They talk about innovative programs, like water education. State, local, and national water law issues also get discussed a lot as well on this show.

But much like the Ripple Effect podcast title indicates, water has a ripple effect. For example, Utah, like other states, is starting a cannabis industry. Yet cannabis, of course, requires water to grow. Lewis talks to two local experts about the implications. And even Russia's war on Ukraine and the water access issues involved get talked about on this show.

Lewis is a knowledgeable host who knows both water and the law. She does an excellent job of finding exciting guests and asking good questions. Those interested in the law, the environment, or the importance of water may enjoy the Ripple Effect podcast.

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