Motherhood Unmasked

Vanessa A. Harris

As a pediatrician, Vanessa loved helping children heal and grow while giving their moms guidance and support. After five seasons of speaking with compassion, candor, and clarity, encouraging moms to own their pivotal role in the lives of their children and the generations that follow, Vanessa realized she left some moms behind. Girls who grew up to become moms who are still struggling to survive their own childhood trauma, in addition to the typical demands of motherhood. Stumbling under that weight feeds the guilt and shame that keeps you from showing up as the woman you're meant to be and the mom your children need. So, you wear a mask to hide both from your pain and the judgment of those observing you. Vanessa knows what that is like. So, she's speaking directly to you, the mom battling the effects of your childhood trauma. If you’re raising children while carrying unresolved childhood wounds from traumatic experiences including abuse, abandonment, and neglect and you struggle with expressing compassion, showing up with confidence and connecting with your child, this podcast will inspire your own healing journey and empower you to break the negative cycles threatening your family. Because no matter your childhood traumatic experiences, the hand that rocks the cradle impacts generations. And you have the right to decide what kind of impact. You have a legacy to change. It’s difficult, but Motherhood Unmasked is here to support you. Change starts with you believing that when it comes to you being the mother of your children; you are the woman for the job. Follow or subscribe to the Motherhood Unmasked podcast so you don’t miss a moment.

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