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Self help author, passionate blogger and speaker Dennis Simsek takes you through life as a former professional tennis player who struggled with an anxiety disorder for over 6 years. Within those 6 years a dream was reached, a child was born, and suicide was being contemplated. The anxiety guy podcast deals with the many different mental health challenges people face in today's world, and shows you how to thrive above them. For more powerful anxiety guy resources head over to read less

Our Editor's Take

The Anxiety Guy Podcast offers actionable advice for people who feel that life is too hectic. With short, ten- to 20-minute episodes, Dennis Simsek provides tips to get rid of anxiety once and for all. It is not a magic cure but a long process of retraining a person's thinking and behavior. For example, for some, it's a matter of changing their inner dialog to promote more positive thoughts. With others, insomnia might be a contributing factor. Having anxiety at night may lead to sleeplessness, which results in more stress. Each episode builds on previous guidance, taking the journey into better mental health.

The host of The Anxiety Guy Podcast knows this struggle all too well. Simsek lived in fear for a long time. He dreaded crowded places, where his anxiety might lead to dizziness. He feared engaging in long conversations with people, which may lead to panic attacks. Simsek lost relationships and most of his money due to this debilitating condition. It seemed like nothing would help him get relief, no matter how hard he tried. At some point, he was taking 36 pills and herbs to treat his health anxiety. Only when Simsek discovered life coaching methods did he begin to see change. He followed a fear desensitization plan that helped transform his worry into freedom. He wishes to share this technique with his listeners. Simsek is a certified hypnotherapist, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.

The Anxiety Guy Podcast doesn't only discuss dealing with the mental health issue. It also explores the different causes that create anxiety and signs to identify it. It's a holistic approach that determines the root of the problem and discusses ways to solve it. One episode explores the biggest misconceptions that prevent healing. At the same time, Simsek speaks on breathing methods to help with a panic attack. The podcast is an effective combination of the theoretical and the practical.

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