Episode 62 - Understanding Our Roles

Simply Resilient - A Podcast For Military Wives

Oct 2 2020 • 22 mins

I was recently asked to share a message with a group of young women at a summer day camp about the importance of our roles and understanding what makes us feel fulfilled in our roles. I asked these young girls what roles they currently had or would have in the future that were important to them and they listed so many good ones: friend, sister, daughter, student, employee, babysitter, mother, wife, neighbor, pet owner, and more. In this episode I share with you the message that I shared with these sweet girls. I told them my story of breaking my leg during my husband's deployment. I talked to them about how this was one of the lowest times in my life because it felt as if all of my roles had been taken from me. I couldn't do the things that I normally did to be a good wife and mother. I couldn't be the friend or neighbor I wanted to be. It was at this time that I realized that feeling fulfilled in our roles doesn't come from what we do in those roles, that's just one part of it (the frosting). The main way we feel fulfilled in any role is what we are thinking about that role (the cupcake). Understanding this is everything. Enjoy!