The Double Door Podcast

James VanOsdol

The Double Door is a live music institution in Chicago... and after years of being shuddered in Wicker Park, it's getting ready to reopen in Uptown. Double Door owners and show co-hosts Sean Mulroney and Pete Bruce take you behind the scenes of renovating the classic Chicago building that will house the new Double Door and the preparations involved with reintroducing Double Door to the Chicago entertainment landscape.
Why was a SWAT team at the new Double Door location? (Episode 5) 11/23/21Bring on the mini-excavator, acetylene torch and jackhammer! (Episode 4) 11/9/21Is the new Double Door location haunted? (Episode 3) 10/26/21That time the Rolling Stones played Double Door ... (Episode 2) - 10/12/21Welcome (back) to the Double Door  (Episode One) - 9/28/21