So long, Sunday Sessions (Episode 12)

The Double Door Podcast

Mar 8 2022 • 14 mins

In Sean Mulroney’s absence, Double Door co-owner and podcast co-host Pete Bruce takes the reins and shares some big updates.  Sean’s absence created a vacuum two people needed to fill. Stepping up to the co-host chair this week is Double Door friend and ally Johnny Party, while producer James VanOsdol helps guide the conversation toward some interesting revelations.

Pete talks about what “Phase Two” of the demolition will involve, and teases some summertime plans that intensify the urgency to get things done.

Pete mentions the goal of scoring some grant money to help put the pedal to the floor.

Also, is a mural in the works for the Double Door building?

Finally, this was teased in the last episode, but big changes are in the works for the Double Door Sunday Sessions. The beloved Sunday afternoon open houses are officially moving to Saturday nights, so we can help you supercharge your weekend fun. More details coming soon!