What’s up with what’s going down at Double Door? L7’s Donita Sparks guest-stars! (Episode 8)

The Double Door Podcast

Jan 4 2022 • 27 mins

It’s our last podcast of the year, and Sean and Pete are joined by special guest Donita Sparks of L7! Here are some of the things covered during the chat:

  • Sean tells a story about when he first realized the awesome power of L7 during their SubPop days.
  • Find out which famous Chicago band from the 90s said L7 inspired them to become a band.
  • Donita talks about some of her less-glamorous touring experiences, including one straight out of “Carrie.”
  • Who are the “ambassadors of rock,” and how did they allow independent artists to successfully tour during the 90s?
  • We all miss zines.
  • Which Iggy Pop album reference perked Donita’s ears up?
  • What did the L7 reunion in 2014 feel like for Donita?
  • Sean describes L7 live: “That’s what rock’s supposed to be.”
  • Sean tries to talk gear with Donita, to which Donita replies, “I hate gear.”
  • Pete tries to talk about the Grateful Dead with Donita.

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