Don't try this at home: A Henry Rollins story for the ages (Episode 17)

The Double Door Podcast

Jun 28 2022 • 19 mins

Shit’s getting real: Contracts are getting signed, and there’s an update to when the doors may open at the new Double Door.

Also this week:

  • Are Sean and Pete dysfunctional clients?
  • Sean was approached by a very handsome man for his sartorial choices.
  • Three pairs of pants remain unclaimed at the new space.
  • There’s a temporary hold on live music/open houses at the new Double Door.
  • Maybe foam parties are a good idea for the future?
  • Should we all hang out in St. Charles?
  • Will the “Wall of Shame” return?
  • Fat Nut is gone, but not forgotten.
  • We’re making KISS plans.
  • A disgusting Henry Rollins story which may find its way into future episodes.

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