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Oct 15 2020
1 min
Who Invented Oscar Wilde? Copyright and Photography - David Newhoff"Implied Licences in Copyright Law" - Poorna MysoorFreelancing with value - Chris BrownLink to the soil: Dr. Andrea Zappalaglio - EU Geographical IndicationsUnique identifiers: Rodolfo C. Rivas – Trademarks and Internet Domain NamesCopyright and Creativity in the 21st Century: Michelle Bogre & Nancy WolffBillion Dollar Patents: Joanna T. BrougherIntellectual Property, Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Matthias HillnerIntellectual Property empowering sports, entertainment & entrepreneurship: Ellakisha O’KelleyPatent strategy for entrepreneurs: Curtis DroegeDisruptive Innovation & Copyright: Margery HilkoAchieving food security with new plant varieties: Peter Button - UPOVDesigner: Davide Radaelli – Industrial DesignPlant Variety & Seed Certification: Professors Kamalesh Adhikari and David J. Jefferson – Intellectual PropertyBiopolitics and Intellectual Property: Gordon Hull – PhilosophyCopyright, Creativity, Big Media and Cultural Value: Incorporating the Author: Kathy BowreyArtist Martin Calvino – Creating with AIThe Reasonable Robot: Ryan Abbott – Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual PropertyIngenious Inventor: Ruth Amos – PatentInternationally renowned designer and director: Zoa Martinez – Trademark