S5E7 Drew Kramer: Twentieth Century Leatherman

Sexual Heroes

Jun 27 2022 • 30 mins

Adult content.

This Endorphin High edition of Sexual Heroes is available in the library at Endorphin High - School of BDSM. You can visit the school and the library at EndorphinHigh.org.


Drew Kramer is 2011 Mr Palm Springs Leather and founder of the Palm Springs Bondage Club. He is also the author of the book, "Twentieth Century Leatherman," and describes it as “almost, but not quite, a work of fiction.” Rather than an ordinary autobiography, Drew  has crafted a story where the reader learns about his transformative experiences and relationships as a leatherman, through multiple characters. Beginning in the 1970’s, the cover also explains the book is “an argument, a history, and a love story.”

Twentieth Century Leatherman book on Amazon
Part 1 of 3 podcast interview episodes for Leather Talk

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