S4E9 JR: Flogging Rage

Sexual Heroes

Jan 3 2022 • 31 mins

Adult content.

This special edition of Sexual Heroes is included in the library at
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J.R. has been a member of L.A.'s kink/fetish community since the mid-1990s. He especially loves impact play in all its forms, including flogging, spanking, and punching, and has presented on these topics at events for Avatar and CLAW.

J.R. currently serves as president of Avatar Club Los Angeles, whose mission is to provide opportunities for men to explore alternative expressions of sexuality in a safe environment. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and an affiliate of Los Angeles' Devil Mask Society. Avatar presents monthly in-person programs and weekend hands-on classes on a variety of BDSM topics.

JR and Robert each share their very personal, inside perspective of a recent flogging scene. JR was the top and Robert was the bottom.

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Twitter @CLAWcorp

Four buckle restraints
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