Cautiously Prioritizing Others Again

Social Skills Coaching

1w ago • 7 mins

Ultimately, maintaining healthy boundaries is a task that we have to persist with throughout our lives. As we discover new and better ways to communicate, develop new values and priorities, or enter relationships with different sets of people, the way we enforce our boundaries must adapt. Though maintaining healthy boundaries can sometimes come with conflict and unpleasantness, the many benefits outweigh these minor cons. Questions or comments regarding the podcast? Email the show at KingPodcast@NewtonMG.com or let us know what you think at http://bit.ly/pkcomment Hear it here - https://bit.ly/establishboundariesking Show notes and/or episode transcripts are available at https://bit.ly/social-skills-shownotes Learn more or get a free mini-book on conversation tactics at https://bit.ly/pkconsulting For narration information visit Russell Newton at https://bit.ly/VoW-home For production information visit Newton Media Group LLC at https://bit.ly/newtonmg #bodylanguage #developmentaldisorders #dynamicequilibrium #eyecontact #healthyboundaries #mentalhealthissues #perfectboundary #socialinteractions #speechimpediments #CautiouslyPrioritizingOthersAgain #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching