Don’t Say A Word

Social Skills Coaching

Dec 15 2021 • 11 mins

Many animals don’t have verbal languages. This means they must communicate their attraction, often forcefully, through their movements and actions. The human equivalent is how we communicate nonverbally with our body language, eye contact, and touching. There are different types of attractive body language for each gender. They do, however, depend on the factors of availability and fertility. Simply put, the more available you appear, the more attractive you will be, and the more fertile (this varies by gender) you appear, the more attractive you will be. Hear it Here - https://bit.ly/ScienceOfAttraction Show notes and/or episode transcripts are available at https://bit.ly/social-skills-shownotes Learn more or get a free mini-book on conversation tactics at https://bit.ly/pkconsulting #BarbaraPease #BodyLanguage #EngineeringAttraction #EyeContact #TraditionalGenderRoles #UnattractivePeople #UnconsciousMessages #Don’tSayAWord #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching #TheScienceofAttraction