Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Luck.

Social Skills Coaching

Oct 25 2021 • 10 mins

Some of the greatest thinkers of human history have shared many similar opinions on how to think. That’s no coincidence, and I’ll trust them, especially when there is a consensus. Clear thinking starts with deconstructing what you think you know, understanding that you know nothing, and then building up from there. It’s tough and tedious, to say the least. Elon Musk and his usage of first principles thinking is all about rejecting what is thought to be fact. He describes a process where you identify your assumptions in the face of solving a problem, you break them down, and then you solve the problem by breaking down old barriers. Once you realize that truth is not as set in stone as you think it is, possibilities begin to unfold. Reinvent the wheel—because maybe you can find a better one. Hear it Here - https://bit.ly/clearthinkingking Show notes and/or episode transcripts are available at https://bit.ly/social-skills-shownotes Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. emotional and social intelligence. Learn more or get a free mini-book on conversation tactics at https://bit.ly/pkconsulting For narration information visit Russell Newton at https://bit.ly/VoW-home For production information visit Newton Media Group LLC at https://bit.ly/newtonmg #efficientsolution #ElonMusk #inherentassumptions #intellectuallaziness #Musk #SpaceX #TheArtofClearThinking #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching