“Riddle-Thinking” Applied

Social Skills Coaching

Nov 10 2021 • 16 mins

Though riddles are often framed in relatively simple words, they can be incredibly complex, utilizing many different but important modes of thinking. When faced with a tricky problem, asking yourself the right questions can often be the key to solving them. These include analyzing whether you’ve identified the problem correctly, what a solution might look like, whether the tools you’re using to solve the issue are actually correct, etc. Questions or comments regarding the podcast? Email the show at KingPodcast@NewtonMG.com or let us know what you think at http://bit.ly/pkcomment Or send us an email at KingPodcast@newtonmg.com Hear it here - https://bit.ly/usingriddles Show notes and/or episode transcripts are available at https://bit.ly/social-skills-shownotes Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. emotional and social intelligence. Learn more or get a free mini-book on conversation tactics at https://bit.ly/pkconsulting For narration information visit Russell Newton at https://bit.ly/VoW-home For production information visit Newton Media Group LLC at https://bit.ly/newtonmg #logicalreasoning #RiddleThinkingApplied #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #PatrickKing #PatrickKingConsulting #SocialSkillsCoaching