Proactive Recovery with Dr. Kyle Simpson

Living the Fit Life

Nov 5 2020 • 1 hr 10 mins

In this episode, Dr. Kyle Simpson, DC or "Doc Kyle" shares his passion of helping others in their journey of health, well-being and performance.

While he's only been practicing chiropractic care for 2-3 years, his knowledge, understanding and professionalism is some of the best, especially in the realm of optimal performance through proactive recovery.

Chad, Adam and Doc discuss what proactive recovery is and how it has become a huge component of living The Fit Life.

Learn how Doc Kyle differs from other chiropractors, how he end up serving the LP community, his "Test-Retest" approach and his Recovery Tool Report Card, grading of some of the most popular and under-utilized recovery equipment that you can use at home or in the gym to make a difference in your optimal health and performance.

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