Jungle Trouble: Rory's Rescue Plan by Sofia and Bibi Haq / Children's Book

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Dec 19 2023 • 20 mins

Welcome to Children's Authors Week #3!

Girls truly rule the world! Seven-year-old Sofia Haq's first book Jungle Trouble: Rory's Rescue Plan is imaginative and drives a true lesson about what poaching means. Our interview is with the brilliant young author, accompanied by her mother Bibi, as we discuss how the book has come to life as well as her life as a young author.

About the book:

Trouble is brewing in the jungle! Poachers have kidnapped some of the animals. The king, Rory the lion has gathered everyone to stage a daring rescue. This book emphasises the importance of teamwork, problem solving, helping and supporting each other despite all their differences. Readers will have fun exploring through the bright, colourful and mind capturing illustrations to find the various stages of a butterfly cycle.

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By the way, the book is also available with the British Bookshop and as an ebook on Kindle Unlimited!

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